Built with a lot of love from a Real Italian.

Every year an increasing number of Italians are victim of the "Fake Italian Coffee syndrome". If in the past, the phenomenon was circumscribed in North America and Switzerland, nowadays Italians can find coffee with fake Italian names everywhere, even in Italy. The syndrome is a psychosomatic condition involving rapid heartbeat, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations. In the worst cases, the victims start to use the fake Italian coffee names in everyday conversations.


Luckily, the world does not care for Italians, and we can continue to create new coffees and name them with fake Italian words to give that genuine authentic flavour we all love.

The best minds of our generation have hardly worked to create the real fake Italian words that we all know. Because this is a very important problem, to alleviate their effort we have now trained AI (Angered Italians) machines to generate milions of coffee names. And we are so generous that everyone can use them to become the new coffee influencer.

To generate your Not Real Italian Coffee name, just click on the button and let our machine, powered by AI, to do all the job.


Disclaimer: no Italian has been harmed in the creation of "This is not a Real Italian Coffee" solution.